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Our Staff and Leadership


Rev. Dr. Joan W. Gandy, Minister

Joan began her call at First Presbyterian Natchez on January 1, 2018. However, her history with the church extends many years before that. She was baptized at First Presbyterian and her faith was formed at FPC Natchez. Prior to leaving her hometown to pursue the Master of Divinity degree, she was an elder and worship leader at First Presbyterian Natchez. Before returning to Natchez, Joan served for about seven years as solo pastor at a church in East Tennessee. Joan holds the M.Div. and D.Min degrees from Columbia Theological Seminary.

Joan's statement of faith includes this statement of her belief in God's timeless call to the Church and God's expectations of the work of the Church in the world: "God gathers people as the Church, equipping them through Christ in the Holy Spirit to exhibit God’s kingdom to the world through worship, fellowship; and through acts of love, justice, and hospitality. The faithful and caring deeds of the Church in the world are acts of gratitude for God’s benevolence and are testimony to God’s promise of redemption and life eternal. God calls every generation to pass on the faith as a God-given inheritance."



director of music and organist:

Vincent Bache iii


Office Administrator:

pam mcneil

Financial Secretary:

Mary Ann Peoples


Playschool Director:

Aretha Davis


Deon Buford

Elders and Session MINISTRIES:

Rosemary Hall - Clerk of Session & Administration

Catherine Ratcliffe - Property

Stratton Bull - Property

Catherine Ratcliffe - Property

Lane Feltus - Evangelism

Marc Doyle - Evangelism

George Bates - Mission

Helen Smith - Education

Cara Moody - Worship

Mary Lessley - Worship

Danna Mooney

Bobby Meason




Sandra Burkes - Moderator

Rusty Jenkins

Sarah Smith

Ryan Sharp

Gwen Washington

Ken Price
Everette Ratcliffe

Kristen Abney

Hubert Smith


Stratton Bull - Assistant Treasurer


Session Ministry Responsibilities:


Administration - Includes the work of clerk of Session, such as organizing the agenda for Session meetings; recording and keeping minutes for all Session and congregational meetings; and keeping and updating church membership records such as births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths.


Property - Oversees the care and maintenance of church buildings and grounds; keeps records, and reports church financial activity; oversees a stewardship committee; prepares an annual budget, and reports monthly to the Session.

Evangelism - Welcomes new visitors and encourages new membership through visitation and providing church information.


Mission - Reviews and recommends plans for both foreign and local missions. This ministry oversees funds allocated for missions and makes recommendations on their disbursement. This ministry also organizes and recommends disaster relief efforts.


Education - Coordinates Christian education programs, including Sunday school classes, adult study groups, and retreats. This ministry selects study materials and sponsors guest speakers and programs of educational interest.

Worship - Oversees the congregation's worship services, including the music program; organizes ushers and greeters; provides the nursery for young children during worship services, and regular and special offerings collected at services.

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